Please support Christ Church Southgate through regular giving,Virgin Money Giving because what happens here matters…

Our clergy support, guide and strengthen us; they are there for us at times of need. We find solace in our beautiful building, which has provided the setting for so many memorable occasions in our lives. Every week we are moved by the beautiful music performed by our talented choir and organists. All of this has helped us to grow in faith, to discover the joy in following Christ, experience a feeling of belonging and a sense of purpose in serving others.

Leaflet coverIn an age where thousands feel isolated, suffer the effects of poverty, feel worthless and hopeless, what we do at Christ Church Southgate is more important than ever. We want to share this with others in our community – to expand our outreach, youth work and education – but we need the resources to do this.


We are fortunate to have a PCC who offer strong financial oversight and keep a tight control on our costs. Our weekly parish ministry costs £2,030 per week. Our clergy stipend, plus pension, housing and council tax costs £940 per week. The cost of heating, lighting & routine maintenance, insurance, printing of pew sheets & employing a part time administrator and youth worker costs £790 per week. Employing our music staff, maintenance of the organ and purchase of music costs £300 a week.

Current Costs

current expenditure

We are grateful to the 128 people who contribute to our regular giving scheme and to those who provide donations in weekly giving envelopes which, with gift aid, provides £1,810 income per week. Despite this generosity, there is a shortfall of £220 per week between the cost of our parish ministry and the income we receive from parishioners; a deficit of £11,400 a year. That’s why we are launching this 400th Anniversary Stewardship Appeal. Our aim is to ensure that the costs of our weekly ministry are met by our congregation.

  • 50% of those who regularly attend church have not yet joined our regular giving scheme.
  • 43% of those in our regular giving scheme have not increased their contribution for over 15 years, during which time the cost of our weekly ministry has increased.

We want to expand our outreach & youth work,  but we need the resources to do this. Please support our 400th Anniversary Stewardship appeal.

How you can support our 400th Anniversary Stewardship Appeal

  • Read the information on this website and in this leaflet. Think and pray about how much you can afford to give.
  • Half of the people on our electoral roll who regularly attend church are not currently members of our regular giving scheme. If you are not currently supporting Christ Church in this way, please consider doing so. Download and complete a Standing Order form.
  • If you are currently part of the regular giving scheme but making a contribution by weekly envelope, please consider changing to a Standing Order. This saves us time and money.
  • If you are currently part of the regular giving scheme, please consider reviewing your Standing Order. 43% of those in stewardship have not changed their contribution for more than fifteen years, during which time the cost of our weekly ministry has increased considerably. We are grateful for all contributions and we know that many are on a fixed income. 36% of those in the regular giving scheme give less than £5 per week

By all working together we can meet the challenge of raising sufficient funds to pay for our weekly ministry – and perhaps even expand it. If twelve more people joined the regular giving campaign at £10 a week and those already in regular giving increased their pledge by 5%, we would be able to cover our costs. Raising even more in regular giving would be even better!



  • Services


    08:00 Eucharist
    10:00 Sung Eucharist
    18:30 Evensong


    17:30 Evening Prayer
    19:30 Eucharist
    20.00 Healing Service (1st Tuesday monthly)


    08:30 Morning Prayer
    11:00 Eucharist
    17:30 Evening Prayer


    08:30 Morning Prayer
    12:30 Eucharist
    17:30 Evening Prayer


    08:30 Morning Prayer
    17:30 Evening Prayer


    08:30 Morning Prayer
    09:00 Eucharist

    For weekday services please use the north door by the ramp