Senior Choristers and Sixth Form Singers

Senior Choristers enjoy the opportunity of singing with the Adult Choir on a full time basis (or as much as academic commitments allow). Senior Choristers are valuable members of the choir team in addition to benefiting from the example shown by the adult singers and the more sophisticated repertoire they undertake. Many of the Senior Choristers have been awarded the prestigious RSCM Bishop’s Chorister Award.

Several of the Senior Choristers joined the choir around the same time they entered the Sixth Form. Singing with the Christ Church Choir is an ideal way of improving sight-reading and musicianship when considering university choral and music scholarships. Students also find the choir a great place to meet like-minded teenagers who also share a love of singing (or socialising with some singing on the side!). Senior Choristers are also eligible for chorister pay

  • Sunday Services

    8am Eucharist
    10am Sung Eucharist
    6.30pm Evensong


    7.30pm Eucharist


    11am Eucharist


    12.30pm Eucharist


    9.30am Morning Prayer
    5.30pm Evening Prayer


    9am Eucharist