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HarvestTrinity 20Trinity 21Last after TrinityAll Saints/ All SoulsRemembrance2nd before AdventChrist the King
8 a.m.
10 a.m.10.30 a.m.
DeaconHMSandra AndersonCDCLFreya CarollJACD
IntercessorChildrenSandra AndersonCDJACDTBACLHM
Reader 1Amy LiPeter HolidayJoyce MaggiulliAnthony HarePatricia HarperMary CouttsSandra AndersonPatricia Harper
Reader 2Patricia HarperMary CouttsJohn MacroryJill HolidayJudith LimbertLiz HillJoyce MaggiulliJohn Macrory
Chalice 1Hilary MeurTeresa WaldenTeresa WaldenAmy LiNick HarperTeresa WaldenHilary MeurTeresa Walden
Chalice 2Nick HarperNick HarperPeter HolidayJill HolidayAmy LiNick HarperSandra AndersonNick Harper
Chalice 3Mick MeurPeter HolidayJoyce MaggiulliMick MeurSandra AndersonSandra AndersonJoyce MaggiulliAmy Li
Chalice 4Amy LiJill HolidayJill HolidayJoyce MaggiulliPeter HolidayJoyce MaggiulliPeter HolidayJill Holiday
ServerNick HarperTeresa WaldenTeresa WaldenAmy LiNick HarperTeresa WaldenJill HolidayTeresa Walden
ServerMick MeurNick HarperPeter HolidayJill HolidayAmy LiNick HarperPeter HolidayNick Harper
ServerAmy LiPeter HolidayJill HolidayMick MeurSandra AndersonSandra AndersonRonald LoAmy Li
PreacherCLJAHMCLPriest: CLPriest: HMCD
OfficiantCLCDHMCLPreacher: CLPreacher: HMJA
Reader 1Liz HillBob Hagon-TorkingtonRonald LoBob Hagon-TorkingtonDeacon: HMDeacon: SandraLiz Hill
Reader 2Judith LimbertShirley CooperShirley CooperR. John MacroryR. Judith LimbertShirley Cooper
Date07-Oct14-Oct21-Oct28-OctTh.R. Ronald Lo18-Nov25-Nov
C. Teresa WaldenC. Jill Holiday
C. Sandra AndersonC. Hilary Meur
C. Peter HolidayC. Mick Meur
C. Jill HolidayC. Peter Holiday
S. Teresa WaldenS. Peter Holiday
S. Mick MeurS. Mick Meur
S. Peter HolidayS. Jill Holiday