8 a.m. Said Eucharist
10 a.m. Sung Eucharist
6.30p.m. Choral Evensong

Eucharists follow Common Worship Order One.

Choral Evensong follows the order of the Book of Common Prayer.

A full list of music for services can be found here.

When you are praying this week, please include these prayer intentions:

Church: Bishops – Sarah of London (Elect), Robert of Edmonton.  Clergy – Vicar, Fr Chrichton.  Associate priest, The Revd Hazel.  Curate, The Revd Liz. Lay readers, Cathy and Jackie.  Oakwood Baptist Church, its minister and congregation.

The World: Peace and an end to global terrorism.  An end to violence in Yemen, Syria and Eritrea.

Community: Queen Elizabeth II and the government.  The Enfield Deanery: Synod and Area Dean Fr Stuart Owen.  The residents of Langside Crescent.

Sick:  Long term sick – Linda Ritter, Miriam Ritchie, Gwendoline Van Cooten, Anthony, Peter Lyons, Paddy Lyons, Alison Meeson, Michael and Jenny King, Jan Grant, Brenda Ferns, Christopher Palm, Eve Knight, Jill Bainbridge, Eileen Barber, Steve Church, Jane McMahon, Michael Record, Tony Fiori, John Paine, Philip Caine, Matthew and Bryony Baynes, Catherine Cyphus.

Immediate need – Catherine Elliott, Stephanie Argyrakis, Eileen Bourne, Val Green, Logan Townsend, John Hawkins, Madeline Burt, Alan Smith, Ralph Stephenson, Shirley Cox  and Adrian West.

R.I.P. – Margaret Firth, Olivia Odysseus, Kwok On Wong, Hannah, Mrs Jarrett, John Southwell, Royston King and Dorothy Steinke.  Year’s Mind – Doris D’Aubney, Susan Peebles, Ted Morgan, Cema Spong, Pat Webb, Elsie Maud Rodway, Maud Webb, Rene Beswick, Arthur Gubbins, Constance Wells, Stanley Line and Joan Wyatt.

  • Sunday Services

    08:00 Eucharist
    10:00 Sung Eucharist
    18:30 Evensong


    08:30 Morning Prayer
    17:30 Evening Prayer
    19:30 Eucharist
    20:00 Lent Course
    21:15 Compline


    08:30 Morning Prayer
    11:00 Eucharist
    17:30 Evening Prayer


    08:30 Morning Prayer
    12:30 Eucharist
    17:30 Evening Prayer


    08:30 Morning Prayer
    17:30 Evening Prayer


    08:30 Morning Prayer
    09:00 Eucharist